Tuesday, 12 April 2016




Everywhere and every time, people preach about self-love but we really don’t know how to love ourselves.
Many people think we need the love of others
to be able to love ourselves as we come alive when in love with the opposite sex.
However, this article is set to show us how to love really love ourselves the way we should.
BE WILLING: acknowledge the fact that you can love yourself by yourself in which case it should be the first thing to happen.
IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTH AND WEAKNESSES: come to terms with the fact that you can never be somebody else. If you are caring nothing can change that and if you are not kind, you can’t help it but you can manage that aspect of you. If you are a sanguine, you can never be a phlegmatic and vice versa.
NOTE: FOCUS ON YOUR STRENGTH AND MANAGE YOUR WEAKNESSES and be proud of the things you know how to do.
BE YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES: don’t be intimidated by someone else or be thrown away by what they say to you. Crave a niche for yourself and watch others join you.
LET GO OF YOUR PAST/FORGIVE YOURSELF: WE all have one baggage or the other, though in different shapes and sizes. But some handle it better than other.
If you did or did not do something at some point in your life and its consequences you now live with, you just have to come up with a story to make it look it has been there all along.
The funny thing about forgiveness is that it’s easier to forgive others that we forgive ourselves.
However, accept the new condition or circumstance, manage it and move on.
More so, if there was no effect, please you have no excuse, JUST MOVE ON.
SURROUND YOURSELF WITH YOUR CONFIDANTS: Bishop T.D. jakes said that there are three type of people, your confidants, constituent, and comrade.
He said the confidents are the people you need life. They understand you most they got your back in good and trying times. They are very few.


wow! plenty messages embedded in a small write up, i loved the carve a niche and watch others join you part...