Thursday, 6 October 2016



ARE you making use of social media or social media is making use of you?
You know we live on social media  basically, with our phones,PCs and other gadgets on with different applications running. we don't get too busy for our phones and to a large extent, we are influenced by what we sulk in. Little wonder, American phychologits are debating whether or not to include internet addictions to lists of  disorders....hmmm.
However, the bone of contention now is who influences who?
For the long hours spent on the internet,i don't have a solution to that BUT the activities that we engage in is the issue. for example, remember when our Facebook status only read, ...."elegushi 60% loading", "House mode activated"...and the most annoying ones were people hating on their haters....... Facebook now shows us old status,pictures, e.t.c, but i have never shared any of those memories because the contents i shared back then are too poor when compared to what i share now. Like it or not, the evolution of the internet has ushered us in to the era of  INTENT.
you have to acknowledge that social media takes most of your time and so you must get VALUE in exchange of your time either by uploading posts that benefits you as well as others or by watching and reading posts that benefits you. 
i remember promising myself of how i was going to take advantage of the internet specifically the social applications and the the journey started because i  realize my life and time is too precious to invest in vain activities all day long,all year round,also i wanted everything i do to be on PURPOSE.
INSTAGRAM: My Instagram page is so precious to me.....oh yes it is. I follow some amazing people such as 
akapo_oriyomi : of course which one did you think i was going to write first........hahah...mine of course.this is my Instagram page i post my quotes, share meaningful posts and my pictures.
FUNMISHITTUQUOTES; i stumbled across her page via a wedding page on Instagram. and from a click to an addicted fan.its administrator is a  lawyer and she inspires her followers spiritually through quotes. Her messages carry so much power, peace and assurance in God.i have never met her before but i feel she sharpens me spiritually. 
FEARLESS MOTIVATION; uhmmm....i seriously cant remember how i joined this page but ever since i started following it has sharpened my life;open my eyes to the possibilities of getting through every odd, and reaching for the best.they post quotes and inspirational videos.

eem i don't have a Facebook fan page yet but am maximizing my private account to get some loyal fans before we progress...i hardly accept the invite of Facebook groups and leave anyone am forcefully added to, by some 'Facebook friends' but i support by liking,commenting and sharing and post i enjoy on Facebook. A also do some gbeboruns (gossips), to know whats happening in the lives of my Facebook friends....i mean, who doesn't do that.
so with my Facebook account i upload a one-minute motivational video every week.

YouTube: i have a YouTube channel just in case you didn't know, (Akapo Margaret).
i also follow some amazing channels where i learn about almost everything.

GOOGLE PLUS : it makes life sweet and yes i say that because that's where i get majority of my blog views from. you know communication is not complete until you get feedback or people to patronize you.

PINTEREST :even though its not as effective as Google plus in terms of driving traffic to my blog, i learn new things on pinterest everyday and am still focusing on getting more followers and joining groups.  
 ......story of my life, here's how i make use of the social media and let it mold me into being a better person by being conscious of what i give and absorb from the internet. they are numerous, but these are basically the apps am most active on.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: ghen ghen 16th of October is my birthday, so remember and send your good wishes and prayers to me via
Facebook, twitter and Instagram : Akapo Oriyomi